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The Write Room Cafe
Kevin Lynn Helmick

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Blogging Sucks


I absolutely fucking loath it, blog, blooog, sounds like a flat tire or something. I'd prefer "essays," but it don't quite fit. I'd even take "flash fiction," but that ain't it, because my flash fiction is usually flash because it couldn't float. Who came up with the term "blog" is that the best ya could do? Is it short for something? I don't know.                                                                                                                          

This is sometime how write through a tough spot, bitch and write at the same time, and maybe the muse will come up from the vast depths of my creativity and grace the page with that certain unattainable magic that happens in moments of heated composition of projects when all the cylinders are fully injected and firring away at fifty fuckin thousand rpm's.

See it kinda works, but it's late, I'm beat and I get up at hit the keys not long after the haunting hour of the night, when dreams, the story, the characters, and reality are only separated by a thin veil that only thickens with the rise of the household occupants pulling me out into the world, where I obviously do not belong.

I doubt if anybody will even read this first real blog of shit, and I don't blame ya, I wouldn't... just based on the title. I mean it has no cool links, cuz I don't know how to do that. It has no advice, cuz I don't like sounding like one those an ass clown blowhard, who just can't help from spouting advice every time they open their mouths. In fact, it has no useful, informative content what so ever.

But I got it out of the way all the same. Maybe next time I'll have something to actually talk about. I do have a few biographical adventure I'd like to share, mostly about bar fights, close calls, famous people run ins, and shit like that.

So stay tuned if you really have no life at all, cuz this ain't gonna be pretty, and everybody loves a train wreck.

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