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Kevin Lynn Helmick

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sebastian Cross, an epic literary adventure by Kevin Lynn helmick

             Sebastian Cross is a literary adventure that examines the intricacies of creativity, the relationship of art and culture and the significance of literature on the cusp of the information age. Any reader who enjoys thought provoking prose and suspenseful adventure with exciting, charismatic characters will love reading this moving account of the rise of an American icon.
             Murray Henshaw is a Chicago based literary agent who narrates the epic tale of his twenty-two year relationship with the eccentric writer/adventurer, Sebastian Cross, and his ascent to immortality through a life changing novel he’s created entitled Wages of Sin.
             Along with the fame and success that Cross achieves upon the release of his brilliant masterpiece, Murray and Sebastian’s lives begin to unravel as the book sets off world wide controversy, random suicides and assassination attempts by a deranged cult leader known as John Chase.                                                                                                                                                
             Murray struggles with the onslaught of law suits, damaging press, the death of his overbearing father and suicide of his fiancé. He befriends Jack Singer, an aging novelist from the south side who signs with Henshaw in hopes of resurrecting his stagnant pulp fiction career. Singer’s rough straight forward advice and organized crime connections help guide and protect Murray and Sebastian through some their most challenging moments.
             Refusing to be restrained by social norms, Sebastian wanders further from reality as his international exploits grow to legendary proportions. He summits the world’s most challenging peaks and sails the globe alone pushing the limits of his physical and mental abilities while desperately trying to escape the literary monster he’s created. Against the advice of all, he insists on confronting his nemesis, John Chase, in a climatic pivotal moment that sends Cross over the edge and this saga racing toward an emotional, triumphant end.     

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